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June 4, 2007

Buy Phenergan Without Prescription

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This blog is in response to "An open letter to pit bull-defenders."

Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, by Lindsay B. (Bahamutt99)

I walk down the street with my companion at my side.  Leashed, Phenergan blogs, of course, as all dog owners should do, but frequently do not. (Tiny dogs seem to be exempt from this rule, cheap Phenergan no rx, as are "don't worry, Effects of Phenergan, he's friendly" dogs.)  But I choose to bind myself to the laws out of respect for others and their personal space.

You detect a danger.  You see a weapon.  Your judgemental brain skips gleefully past any thought that I may just be a normal person out for a walk with my canine companion.  You would rather darkly gloat about the death and pestillence that surely must trail behind me.  Or perhaps sneer that I must work to find insurance or a home for my family, as I surely deserve such discrimination for daring to welcome such a breed into my house, Phenergan dose.

You assume that because I am walking my leashed dog, Buy cheap Phenergan no rx, I most assuredly revert to bad dog policy when out of your sight, and therefore have "thousands in animal-control fines."  Perhaps I just put on that expensive leather leash and collar to impress you.  Since you are not impressed, can I get a refund?  Or is this reverse psychology because I have made my own phone calls to animal control, Phenergan overnight, possibly negatively impacting you or an owner of some "respectable" breed which joyously runs the area at large. Phenergan photos, Gotta love the militant anti-Pit Bull faction.  They are so busy watching in the bushes for some creature from a fairy tale to attack them that they do not see where the road in front of them leads.  Cities don't just ban "pit bulls."  They ban cousin breeds and those that look like them, those that have big heads or muscular bodies, those that have short hair and a stocky build.  Or they tack on other "tough guy" breeds like German Shepherds, Phenergan alternatives, Rottweilers, Phenergan coupon, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, etc.  Or sometimes, generic Phenergan, just for a giggle, Phenergan steet value, they slap on a size restriction, Fairfield Iowa-style, so be prepared to part with your gentle giants as well.  And here's a fun fact:  Italy regulates small dogs, Phenergan duration, such as Corgis and Miniature Pinschers.

But hey, why should any of that bother me?  I'm one of those thuggalistic Pit Bull owners, so I must be callous to the suffering of others.  Surely the image of someone having their Lab mix or muscular mutt ripped from their home wouldn't bother me, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription. Cheap Phenergan, Ha.

Nobody wants to give Pit Bull owners their due credit.  Love us or hate us, we are the first ones to come out when communities want to start haphazardly banning breeds.  If your Presa Canario or Dogo Argentino is on the list, where can i cheapest Phenergan online, we care.  Because we have field experience living with a dog whom many hate without reason, Phenergan images, but which may be an integral part of our family.

The gusto with which dog breed detractors fling around dog attacks to prove their points leads me to believe that they don't really care about people at all.  They read a headline and it becomes just more fodder to advance their march against their dog-owning neighbors.  An injured child is not viewed as a tragedy that we all should work against, but as ammunition for the gun of hatred, buy Phenergan online cod.

There I go, Buy no prescription Phenergan online, talking about guns.  Typical Pit Bull owner.  Guns, drugs, dogs and prostitution; that's what I'm all about.  Death and pestillence, discount Phenergan, fire and brimstone, Taking Phenergan, laying waste to your town and corrupting the values of your children!  I couldn't be just another citizen.  Nah, that couldn't possibly be it.  I own a controversial dog breed, so that makes me a budding Jeffrey Dahmer, Phenergan cost, right. Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, The oft-ignored truth is that Pit Bull owners are scattered throughout all the races, classes, tax brackets and backgrounds.  We have children of our own and want to see them protected every bit as much as you do.  But we have the clarity of thought to realize that cropping out portions of our lives will not make our children any stronger or smarter.  While wiping out a canine population may, indeed, eliminate some valid threats to our young, it will destroy far more heroes and positive influences. Phenergan natural, Such as:

A Pit Bull in Jackson, MS who alerted her family to a fire, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

Another Pit Bull who also saved her owner from a rampaging blaze. Phenergan coupon, A Pit Bull service dog who assists his owner, a former stuntman.

A Pit Bull who died saving two women from a cobra, buy Phenergan from canada.

A Pit Bull in Toronto who saved his owner when she went into anaphylactic shock, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription.

Why put children at such risk. Phenergan brand name, Children are at far worse risk from playground equipment and 5-gallon water buckets than they are from dogs.  The worst culprit is the parent/guardian monster, who kills hundreds of children each year, far more than all the dog breeds combined.  Dogs, about Phenergan, for all they are a pointy-toothed predator, Phenergan maximum dosage, are surprisingly tolerant of our misguided handling and the abuses of little children.

For every attack story that can be dredged up, how many unsung heroes go unnoticed?  They may not all be Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, order Phenergan online overnight delivery no prescription, but they are our beloved pets.  For every person that gets hurt in a stupid incident, Phenergan interactions, countless others have had their lives enriched in some manner by living with an American Pit Bull Terrier.  Growing up with dogs makes children into better people much of the time.  It worked for me.  (If you want to be bored by all the sappy details, watch my video blog.)

So why own such a dog?  Do you really want to hear all the reasons?  Perhaps I like an athletic, versatile companion to take for a walk so that others can assume I'm a serial killer.  Of course, where can i buy cheapest Phenergan online, being a white-bred girl from the suburbs doesn't work well with that image.  Perhaps I should get some facial piercings and a skull cap so as to fit more neatly into the "you people" category you'd like to see me fall in. Order Phenergan online c.o.d, For what its worth, I do agree that dog owners need to face hefty fines and jail time when their animals attack.  But I am not breedist enough to believe that those fines should not also extend to you and whatever animals you may own.  If you own it, you feed it, Phenergan dose, you are responsible for it.  I feel the same way about leashless children who run the neighborhood at will.  (Their opposable thumbs are just as scary as a dog's teeth.)

On the matter of insurance, Phenergan use, Loki is special, but not so special that she needs her own insurance.  You imply that "pit bull" owners should have high rates.  Why? To drive us into hock because we surely don't deserve to be able to pay all our bills?  Or is it so that we can live up to your expectations that we must be thousands of dollars in debt?  Or perhaps the strategy is simply to discourage dog owners from getting insurance in the first place?  Yep, that would be an excellent step in seeing that people who are injured don't get their medical bills paid, Phenergan overnight.

Perhaps we should require the same high rates for people who look as though they might Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, drive drunk.  In fact, let's do it for people who are the distant cousins of drunk drivers, since through their "bad genes," they are certainly more likely to go that route themselves!  As a victim of a drunk driver myself, I agree with this public outcry against that breed!  We should all report them when we see them in public, as well as anybody that looks like a drunk driver!  We should throw in people who don't use turn signals while we're at it, since that is just a step away from driving drunk.

Wait, Phenergan alternatives, what were we talking about.

Oh yeah, dogs.

No wait, we weren't really talking about dogs.  We were talking about people.  Rappers and Michael Vick...  What does that have to do with my dog again?  Oh, right.  Guilty by very distant association, since the logic is because Vick had a whole mess of Pit Bulls seized from his property, he is the same as I am.

Michael Vick Lil' ol' Me & Loki

You know, perhaps the social toxins that come along with owning an APBT have gone right up to my brain, but I just don't see the resemblance.

Maybe -- I'm just grasping at straws here -- just maybe all dogs are individuals.  Maybe all human beings are individuals, too.  There could be a minute possibility that if somebody's pack of 3 loose dogs killed a similarly loose child on an army base -- or were seen standing over the body, which is naturally the same thing as perpetrating the crime -- that it was those three dogs and not also mine here in Oklahoma?  Could it be that an unsocialized, untrained "pit bull" being used as a weewee extension is, in fact, not the same as my obedience-titled, Canine Good Citizen-titled, abundantly-socialized, very well-trained partner, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription.

If you own the Martha Stewart-brand washcloths, does that make you more inclined to cheat on the stock market.

Or is the "pit bull" disease kind of like second-hand smoke?  Does it emanate from one poor breed representative and infect all the other dogs in the area?  Nobody sent me the memo.  How wide of a radius do I have? Because there is a snotty dog some blocks over from my home, and I'll have to get my dog a vaccine for that disease before she catches it.

Oh wait, she's already had that vaccine. But here we refer to it as conscientious breeding and responsible handling. Glad to have that load off my mind.  Thanks for your concern, though.  We appreciate you looking out for us.

Satire aside, the owners of ALL dogs should feel the pinch when their animal attacks.  It should apply equally across the board, from cute fluffy mutt, to tiny ankle-biter, to friendly retriever.  Support laws which punish the undesireables you refer to -- "vicious dogs and abusive or neglectful owners" -- and which apply reasonable requirements -- "fencing and leash laws" -- to the ownership of any dog.  My neighbor's nasty hound has no more business being loose than my Pit Bull.

Don't look at me as the criminal you've come to automatically expect based solely on the breed I own, and I wont look at you as the root of all evil simply because you work for the media (and are therefore de facto responsible for the propagation of nonsense and hysteria).  Perhaps, if we have a moment of quiet reflection, we can realize that neither of us is defined by a single factor of our lives. Much less defined by others who have those same factors in their own lives.

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