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August 24, 2007

Buy Periactin Without Prescription

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Buy Periactin Without Prescription, by Lindsay B. (Bahamutt99)

The arguments against breeders abound these days.  If you've never heard them -- where have you been, in a cave, Periactin maximum dosage. -- here are a sampling, Periactin without a prescription, paraphrased:

"Why buy an expensive breeder puppy when there are perfectly good pups dying in shelters?  If you only want a pet, you should rescue."

"Breeders are the main reason for the overpopulation problem; these dogs have to be coming from somewhere."

"The only reason to buy from a breeder is selfishness and ego.  People need a well-bred dog to feel better about themselves, and a rescue dog isn't good enough for them."

Undoubtedly there are unscrupulous breeders who are cluttering up the issue with their shady practices. Nobody in command of all their faculties will tell you otherwise.  Just like there are undoubtedly wastes of skin in every hobby, Periactin forum, profession, Periactin schedule, neighborhood.  There are always people who make you scratch your head in bewilderment, or drive you to the point of hair-tugging (or perhaps, blogging), comprar en línea Periactin, comprar Periactin baratos.

So with all the arguments against it, Periactin brand name, why again do we need breeders?  Have a sit down and I'll tell you a story.

Long ago, man discovered that the dog could serve as his partner and aide in many capacities.  Before we even gave a name to the process of selective breeding, buy no prescription Periactin online, people were doing it.  Wherever we needed a dog to fill a purpose, Periactin canada, mexico, india, selective breeding came into play to mold the perfect animal for the job.  People who might want rabbit for dinner were taking the fastest dog they owned and breeding it to the second-fastest dog they owned, then keeping the fastest puppies.  Shepherds who needed to keep their flocks together were going to feed (and breed) the dog who showed the most aptitude for chasing the sheep back home.  Thus were many breeds born, out of necessity, Periactin use, by those who kept around the dogs who were the most skilled at their trade.

Today, we tell people "choose a breed that fits your lifestyle."  We balk at those who have the audacity to choose an APBT as dog park patron, or a Border Collie as an apartment couch potato.  The breeds have become so varied that there is almost certainly one to fit every seeker, provided that person is inclined towards dog ownership in the first place, Buy Periactin Without Prescription. Periactin alternatives, These breeds arose due to the efforts of breeders.  They are maintained by the efforts of breeders.  If dog breeding were outlawed tomorrow, all owned dogs were spayed/neutered -- and we could somehow magically achieve a 100% compliance rate -- within 10-15 years, most breeds would be gone.  Only the small, kjøpe Periactin på nett, köpa Periactin online, long-lived breeds would still be here, Is Periactin addictive, for a few more years anyway.  It is a hard concept for those who are counting bodies at the animal shelter to grasp, that there would ever be no more dogs, but it is simple mathematics, buy Periactin no prescription.

No more breeding = no more dogs (with the exception of feral populations who don't require human intervention to maintain them). Order Periactin online overnight delivery no prescription, Instead of being able to tell people "choose a breed that fits your lifestyle," it would sound more like this:  "Choose which of those medium-sized, medium-coated, Periactin trusted pharmacy reviews, prick-eared brown mutts you like the best.  Here's a rope to catch him with."  Think dingo, Herbal Periactin, or Carolina dog.  If everything reverted back to natural selection, eventually nature would level the canine out to be similar to his wild brethren.

I don't know how you feel, purchase Periactin for sale, but the thought of no more Pit Bulls is unpalatable to me.  I would have no desire to own a dog if I couldn't keep the breed that has been with me since I was 8 years old. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, Okay, let's take a step back into reality.  Even though dog ownership is under attack with every new law that is crafted, it is unlikely that breeding will ever be wiped out entirely.  Too many people want to own dogs.  So now what we have are the laws that merely nibble away at the breeding that is taking place nowadays.  I'm talking about the feel-good legislation known as mandatory spay/neuter, or breeder permits. Buy generic Periactin, Stopping the killing of little baby puppies?  I mean, who could possibly be against that.

But there's a problem.  Mandatory spay/neuter doesn't stop the killing of dogs in shelters.  People will still continue to dump dogs, Periactin from mexico, for various minute reasons.  There will still be dogs in shelters which are unadoptable and need to be euthanized.  There will still be strays on the street. Buy Periactin no prescription, You see, animal control does not have the power to go around lifting the skirt of every dog out there.  How would you feel if somebody stopped you in the park and demanded that you flip your dog over so that he could check for a spay scar?  (Undoubtedly that would lead to certain people stabbing their dogs to fake a scar.  But I digress...)  Did you by chance implant Neuticles when you neutered your male dog?  Better make it ball bearings instead so they click together as incontrovertible proof that those testicles aren't real.

Sound ridiculous?  Well, Periactin no rx, so does attacking breeders to end pet overpopulation.  Let me share my own personal experience with mandatory spay/neuter, Periactin samples, breeder permit laws.

I live in a city where there is a neat little law governing dog breeding.  You can only obtain what they call a "hobbyist exemption" if you show or work your dogs, or use them for hunting.  I should naturally qualify for this "hobbyist exemption" because my dog is extensively titled, so I headed down to the county office to get one.  More accurately, after probably a dozen phone calls trying to get information on this law from government employees who knew nothing about it, I headed down to the county office to get one, Buy Periactin Without Prescription.

Guess what?  Due to a legal loophole, I can't get one.  Although I am within the county which has these laws, Periactin recreational, the actual city I live in chooses not to honor them.  No hobbyist exemption for me.  No big deal, Ordering Periactin online, though, right?  Not if it is saving lives, right, rx free Periactin.

Guess again.  On any given weekend, Buy Periactin from mexico, somewhere in my city, there are people selling puppies.  Earlier this summer, the Shih Tzu people were out in force, Periactin treatment, with their expensive RVs pulled up in an empty lot, Periactin results, and exercise pens set up in the sun near the road.  Earlier than that, a man and his son were selling black Lab puppies less than a block from my home.  Earlier still, Labrador and Boxer breeders were selling puppies in front of the mall.  Maybe I'm not giving them their due credit; perhaps we simply have the world's most responsible breeder population and all of these folks have their permits, about Periactin. But last I checked, Buy generic Periactin, no breeder worth their salt sells pups on a street corner.

Call the police. Buy Periactin Without Prescription, Sure, but half the time they don't know that these laws even exist.  I had the dispatcher one time ask me, "We have laws like that here?"

To reiterate, I cannot, with my proof of extensive titles and health testing, breed dogs.

Some guy advertising a litter of American Bulldog/AmStaff mixes, Periactin forum, can. Buy Periactin without a prescription, They're going to get away with it, whether we like it or not.  Mandatory spay/neuter is not stopping these people. I am just as against haphazard breeding as anybody.  But I am not so deluded as to think that an extra law is going to stop it.  The only people who go through the hassle of having moral fibers are the ones who are doing the right thing anyway.  In short, not the ones we need to be making laws for, Periactin online cod.

So why do we need breeders?  To preserve, What is Periactin, protect and improve the breeds.  If you feel that a dog is a dog is a dog, then this means nothing to you. But having a well-bred dog means everything to others, Periactin no prescription.

We do not own a dog because of need. At least the vast majority of us don't.  A person needs to eat, drink, breathe.  We do not need to own pets.  We do so because of the pleasure and sense of fulfillment it gives us.  And everybody has a different ideal for their dog.  When does it become another's place to say that a person should not have the right to choose exactly the dog that they want, Buy Periactin Without Prescription.

Are you sending me dog food?  Scooping my yard?  As the answer is resoundingly negative, I ask where it is written that you should have a say in what kind of dog is sleeping in bed with me.

I will admit that I am fed up with the constant controls that people will place on each other out of the mistaken belief that they will make things better.  Evidently the threat of BSL taking my breed from me is not enough; I also have to worry about other people who should be on my side seeking to have my dreams and future plans destroyed as well.  I have been called greedy and selfish for wanting well-bred, registerable APBTs over shelter dogs.  It is a virtual certainty that once I pair two dogs together, I will slip even further on the totem pole.  I have accepted these things.

But what I will not accept is people pushing for limitation or elimination of ALL breeders as a means to save the breed (or rather, as a means to simply save dogs and not the breed).  Ouch!  We've gone and shot ourselves in the foot on that one.  We've put exorbitant intact animal fees in there, so now all the BYBs are breeding to recoup the money, and the reputable breeders aren't sure they're going to be able to continue with the added hardship.  If you think its a hypothetical, I truly hope so, but experience indicates otherwise.

But but but...!  Why does anybody need to own a breeder dog anyway?  Short of wanting to do any licensed sports, short of wanting good dogs to start a breeding program, short of demanding a health guarantee and sensible contract, short of ego and greed and... Buy Periactin Without Prescription, where was I going?  Oh yeah, why own a breeder dog.

Because it is our choice.  If someone wants to go through the trouble of tracking down a good breeder and going through all the interrogation to get on their waiting list, nobody should desire to stop them. Right now, somebody is mustering this argument:

"Well, if you really just want a good pet, why can't you be just as happy with rescuing a shelter dog?  If you truly loved dogs, it wouldn't matter."

To that, I reply with another quote, from our good friend, Ingrid Newkirk of PeTA:

"People who genuinely care about dogs won't be affected by a ban on pits. They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row through no fault of their own."

(No, she didn't just go there!)

Yes, I did.  I compared eliminating breeders to eliminating the breed.  Without one, we can't have the other.  Even if we only manage to thoroughly discourage all the decent breeders, the breed falls in the hands of the BYBers, and what will we have then?  Will it even be worth preserving?  Would you want to own it?  I wouldn't.  If that makes me selfish and egotistical, so be it.  I will live with those labels.  My interest lies with preserving the breed over preserving individual dogs, so I need to have a little bit of ego to be here I s'pose.

Or maybe its just a side effect of living with outstanding dogs.  Perhaps its like a fungus infecting my brain.  Either way, I will fight to defend my right to have my fungus until the day I have to leave the breed.  I can only hope that someday people will realize that they have no reason to be angry at me for what I do, or do deny me the satisfaction I get out of owning and working with these dogs.

Loki and Terra.

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