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December 8, 2005

Lumigan For Sale

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Lumigan For Sale, by Lindsay B. (Bahamutt99)

Loki likes to sleep under the covers. Its a habit held over from when she was a puppy. No prescription Lumigan online, We had been living in a place that was notoriously difficult to keep warm, so when it came bedtime, we'd all curl up under the blankets together -- Loki, my husband and myself -- to reap the maximum benefit of our combined body warmth, generic Lumigan. Today, if we climb into bed and neglect to toss the blankets over Loki, Lumigan from mexico, she will forcefully lean against one of us and give us "the eye" until we remedy the situation.

This peek into the secret life of Loki does not sound like what one would normally consider befitting a hero, Lumigan For Sale. It lacks the typical dash, flash, and derring-do that would accompany the typical superhero situation, Lumigan photos. She has no secret identity, and there is no Pit Cave or Pitmobile. Is Lumigan safe, She has never pulled little Timmy from the well. Her idea of a quest for the greater good includes catching that squirrel that has the gall to be alive and in her tree. Lumigan For Sale, If there is a personal struggle in her life, I'm sure it amounts to finally digging out that cookie that fell between the couch cushions. And it is doubtful that any self-respecting Ultrapup or Subsonic Dog would stand for having their toenails painted pink.

So is Loki a hero, online Lumigan without a prescription. If you said yes, give yourself a gold star. Order Lumigan from United States pharmacy, Not all heroes wear utility belts, you know. There are heroes and there are heroes, Lumigan For Sale. The ones that fly across the pages of the comic books -- shooting fireballs at their enemies and rescuing ridiculously well-endowed damsels from the tops of tall towers -- surely are one kind of hero. But for those of us that live our lives outside of TV, Lumigan pics, examples of heroism can be found much closer to home. Little boys (and little girls) might look up at their mother or father and see them as their personal hero. Lumigan price, For me -- I love you, mom and dad. Lumigan For Sale, -- I usually need look no further than my couch. Or maybe my yard.

So what makes Loki a hero, Lumigan over the counter. To me, she qualifies every time I take her out in public. Buy Lumigan from mexico, She wears that badge every time she wags her tail and greets children with dog-breath kisses. Even when people give her that "Ew, a Pit Bull" look -- which I call the "Who farted?" look -- while holding tight their purses and coats as if she's going to rob them, she is my hero because she doesn't let their ignorance bring her down, Lumigan For Sale. She simply turns around and looks for the next person she can love on and beg cookies from. You can't win them all, I suppose, cheap Lumigan.

She's a hero at home, too. Purchase Lumigan for sale, When the frailties of the mind lead me to break down in tears over some human affair, its like I've turned on the Pit Signal, she comes to the rescue. Lumigan For Sale, Her superpowers work best through touch -- probably why they don't work on the "Who farted?" people -- so she comes and sits as closely to me as she can get. Sometimes she ends up sitting on me, buy Lumigan online no prescription, but we wont tell. Then she wills some of her strength into me through osmosis. Lumigan recreational, It does not always do the trick, but I almost always feel better because she tried. I think she also inserts a carefully-shielded plea for affection -- some sort of doggie mind control -- because I usually can't stop myself from hugging her.

Okay, I realize this all probably sounds terribly boring to those operating outside the realm of Pit Bull-dom, Lumigan For Sale. But were one to take a closer look, order Lumigan no prescription, one might see their very existence as heroic. Maybe the Green Flashlight has had to endure people shooting missles at him and trying to trap his superpowers in an evil draining bar of soap, Lumigan maximum dosage, but look at what the Pit Bull has endured. The breed was forged in circumstances that would cause most superheroes to cover their eyes and say "Tell me when its over." The atmosphere in which the breed was born would ensure that only the strongest would be around to wag their tails the next day. For the Pit Bull enthusiast, it is a story of biblical proportions, where can i buy cheapest Lumigan online. Lumigan For Sale, But the tale of hardship doesn't end there. The Pit Bull has survived his trial by fire, so to speak, Comprar en línea Lumigan, comprar Lumigan baratos, and now he is put to the trial by legislation. It is a chapter in the story of the superdog that is far from over, and the threat of defeat looms more ominously than the promise of victory. His nemesis -- in this case the ill-informed or sometimes perhaps borderline insane lawmaker -- is preparing to launch his vicious attack to see our hero obliterated, is Lumigan addictive, or at least muzzled and unable to procreate. Who will emerge victorious. Don't miss the next episode, Lumigan For Sale. Lumigan class, At this point, the reader might be inclined to remind me that this is no laughing matter. Yes, these are dark times for our hero, Lumigan blogs, the Pit Bull. But in order to defeat the nemesis, Lumigan overnight, we must become heroes ourselves, and crying in the face of danger is unbefitting a hero. Now, before you tie up your cape and step into your super boots, taking Lumigan, be reminded that the path of the hero is fraught with struggle and misery. Lumigan For Sale, We've all seen the movie about the guy who dresses up as a spider, right. In the end he beats up the bad guy and saves the day, Rx free Lumigan, but it is no cake walk to get there.

Am I saying that one should not bother to be a hero. Hardly. Mankind will always need heroes, where can i order Lumigan without prescription, and with every small victory against BSL, I am glad when I was able to be a part of the effort. Even when it was not my town that was saved, I revel in the fact that the other heroes and their hero dogs that live there will be around to fight another day, Lumigan For Sale. Lumigan dose, It is easy for one to sit back and say, "When the evil comes to me, then I will fight it." If this cavalier attitude prevails, then there will be nothing left to fight for, buying Lumigan online over the counter. Even the greatest hero must execute a tactical withdrawal now and then, but sooner or later one must stand up and fight. Lumigan pictures, Better to go to where the evil lurks, then wait until it finds you.

Incidentally, Loki has done something that might warrant a blurb on the comic book pages, where can i find Lumigan online, but it is more an example of a momentary lapse in owner responsibility than anything. Lumigan For Sale, As my husband and I (with Loki in tow) drove to our hometown to visit family, we passed a familiar shaggy shape trotting down the street. The Shetland Sheepdog named Mokah -- by all appearances a miniature Lassie -- had escaped the confines of my father's yard, Purchase Lumigan online, and was making haste towards the city limits. We stopped the car and tried to catch her, but she would have none of it. Mokah was on a mission, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and that mission was "Run away!"

The situation looked grim, as the fleet-footed Sheltie evaded our attempts to capture her. Kjøpe Lumigan på nett, köpa Lumigan online, She was headed towards a break in the fence between that city and the next, and if she'd gotten there, it would've made our quest much more difficult, as we would've had to drive around a city block to regain her, Lumigan images. At the last minute, a streak of red flashes on the scene, Lumigan For Sale. (Cue the hero music of your choice, please.) Loki had escaped out the open car door, Where can i buy Lumigan online, dashed across the pavement -- thankfully this was a back road with little traffic, or we'd all have been pancakes -- and headed off the wayward Sheltie. As Loki forcefully sniffed her eyeball, Mokah decided that she'd had enough and laid down in the road, dramatically yielding to us. Loki was even big-hearted enough to share her back seat for the rest of the ride.

Are you waiting for the rest of the story. Lumigan For Sale, Well that was it, folks. Just an ol' Pit Bull saving a micro-Lassie. Naturally, it was followed up by a happy reunion of my father with his shaggy vagabond, and cookies raining from heaven on Loki as my father made much of her as his "little hero." (See, its spreading!) As she basked like the proper savior, I reflected on the fact that it could've ended differently. You see, the city this happened in has BSL (breed-specific legislation), and if Loki had been caught during her exploit by her enemy, there would've been the devil to pay. Nevermind that by my husband forgetting to close the driver-side door, a life was possibly saved that day. Pit Bulls in that city are only allowed to go around saving lives if they are muzzled, insured, attached to a human by a four-foot leash, and wearing a bright orange collar that says "Danger" on it, Lumigan For Sale.

If you believe in heroes, and you believe in the breed, please write your senator, your congressman, your mayor -- anybody -- and tell them you are opposed to BSL. Tell them you have no use for laws which would sweep away thousands of "little heroes" to get to the one or two Pit Bulls who have been corrupted by evil owners. If you see people organizing an effort to fight against BSL -- whether it is in your town or not -- give them your support. If you have a friendly Pit Bull, take a moment out of your day to walk him in public, let him slobber a few faces and show people these dogs are deserving of a place in our society. Remember that you do not have to go flying around and shooting lightning bolts from your posterior to help the breed. One letter, one friendly conversation with somebody who's not sure about the breed; these things may make a small ripple today, but someday they will be a wave.

In short, be a hero. Be the kind of person your dog would want you to be.

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  1. That was really brilliantly written and I’m not just saying that cause you are my daughter. It truly is s brilliantly penned write. Mom & Dad love you too. :-)

    Tis true Loki may not have been considered my hero of the day by the powers that be but those powers are fueled only by the hot stinky air of the fart you mentioned. So it shows there their heads are at.

    Take care and keep up the fantastic writing. You are an asset for the cause.


    Comment by chase0953 — December 9, 2005 @ 12:20 pm

  2. “Be the kind of person your dog would want you to be”.

    I have this saying on a magnet, on my fridge, oh God, for about 8 years now. Also, it’s my sig for a particular pit bull site. I love it! It sure has some merit to it, huh?
    Nice post! A hero can be whatever you choose to look up to, two legs, four, or how ever many!!! Nice read!

    Comment by suki — February 23, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

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