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June 4, 2007

Buy Phenergan Without Prescription

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This blog is in response to "An open letter to pit bull-defenders."

Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, by Lindsay B. (Bahamutt99)

I walk down the street with my companion at my side.  Leashed, Phenergan blogs, of course, as all dog owners should do, but frequently do not. (Tiny dogs seem to be exempt from this rule, cheap Phenergan no rx, as are "don't worry, Effects of Phenergan, he's friendly" dogs.)  But I choose to bind myself to the laws out of respect for others and their personal space.

You detect a danger.  You see a weapon.  Your judgemental brain skips gleefully past any thought that I may just be a normal person out for a walk with my canine companion.  You would rather darkly gloat about the death and pestillence that surely must trail behind me.  Or perhaps sneer that I must work to find insurance or a home for my family, as I surely deserve such discrimination for daring to welcome such a breed into my house, Phenergan dose.

You assume that because I am walking my leashed dog, Buy cheap Phenergan no rx, I most assuredly revert to bad dog policy when out of your sight, and therefore have "thousands in animal-control fines."  Perhaps I just put on that expensive leather leash and collar to impress you.  Since you are not impressed, can I get a refund?  Or is this reverse psychology because I have made my own phone calls to animal control, Phenergan overnight, possibly negatively impacting you or an owner of some "respectable" breed which joyously runs the area at large. Phenergan photos, Gotta love the militant anti-Pit Bull faction.  They are so busy watching in the bushes for some creature from a fairy tale to attack them that they do not see where the road in front of them leads.  Cities don't just ban "pit bulls."  They ban cousin breeds and those that look like them, those that have big heads or muscular bodies, those that have short hair and a stocky build.  Or they tack on other "tough guy" breeds like German Shepherds, Phenergan alternatives, Rottweilers, Phenergan coupon, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, etc.  Or sometimes, generic Phenergan, just for a giggle, Phenergan steet value, they slap on a size restriction, Fairfield Iowa-style, so be prepared to part with your gentle giants as well.  And here's a fun fact:  Italy regulates small dogs, Phenergan duration, such as Corgis and Miniature Pinschers.

But hey, why should any of that bother me?  I'm one of those thuggalistic Pit Bull owners, so I must be callous to the suffering of others.  Surely the image of someone having their Lab mix or muscular mutt ripped from their home wouldn't bother me, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription. Cheap Phenergan, Ha.

Nobody wants to give Pit Bull owners their due credit.  Love us or hate us, we are the first ones to come out when communities want to start haphazardly banning breeds.  If your Presa Canario or Dogo Argentino is on the list, where can i cheapest Phenergan online, we care.  Because we have field experience living with a dog whom many hate without reason, Phenergan images, but which may be an integral part of our family.

The gusto with which dog breed detractors fling around dog attacks to prove their points leads me to believe that they don't really care about people at all.  They read a headline and it becomes just more fodder to advance their march against their dog-owning neighbors.  An injured child is not viewed as a tragedy that we all should work against, but as ammunition for the gun of hatred, buy Phenergan online cod.

There I go, Buy no prescription Phenergan online, talking about guns.  Typical Pit Bull owner.  Guns, drugs, dogs and prostitution; that's what I'm all about.  Death and pestillence, discount Phenergan, fire and brimstone, Taking Phenergan, laying waste to your town and corrupting the values of your children!  I couldn't be just another citizen.  Nah, that couldn't possibly be it.  I own a controversial dog breed, so that makes me a budding Jeffrey Dahmer, Phenergan cost, right. Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, The oft-ignored truth is that Pit Bull owners are scattered throughout all the races, classes, tax brackets and backgrounds.  We have children of our own and want to see them protected every bit as much as you do.  But we have the clarity of thought to realize that cropping out portions of our lives will not make our children any stronger or smarter.  While wiping out a canine population may, indeed, eliminate some valid threats to our young, it will destroy far more heroes and positive influences. Phenergan natural, Such as:

A Pit Bull in Jackson, MS who alerted her family to a fire, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

Another Pit Bull who also saved her owner from a rampaging blaze. Phenergan coupon, A Pit Bull service dog who assists his owner, a former stuntman.

A Pit Bull who died saving two women from a cobra, buy Phenergan from canada.

A Pit Bull in Toronto who saved his owner when she went into anaphylactic shock, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription.

Why put children at such risk. Phenergan brand name, Children are at far worse risk from playground equipment and 5-gallon water buckets than they are from dogs.  The worst culprit is the parent/guardian monster, who kills hundreds of children each year, far more than all the dog breeds combined.  Dogs, about Phenergan, for all they are a pointy-toothed predator, Phenergan maximum dosage, are surprisingly tolerant of our misguided handling and the abuses of little children.

For every attack story that can be dredged up, how many unsung heroes go unnoticed?  They may not all be Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, order Phenergan online overnight delivery no prescription, but they are our beloved pets.  For every person that gets hurt in a stupid incident, Phenergan interactions, countless others have had their lives enriched in some manner by living with an American Pit Bull Terrier.  Growing up with dogs makes children into better people much of the time.  It worked for me.  (If you want to be bored by all the sappy details, watch my video blog.)

So why own such a dog?  Do you really want to hear all the reasons?  Perhaps I like an athletic, versatile companion to take for a walk so that others can assume I'm a serial killer.  Of course, where can i buy cheapest Phenergan online, being a white-bred girl from the suburbs doesn't work well with that image.  Perhaps I should get some facial piercings and a skull cap so as to fit more neatly into the "you people" category you'd like to see me fall in. Order Phenergan online c.o.d, For what its worth, I do agree that dog owners need to face hefty fines and jail time when their animals attack.  But I am not breedist enough to believe that those fines should not also extend to you and whatever animals you may own.  If you own it, you feed it, Phenergan dose, you are responsible for it.  I feel the same way about leashless children who run the neighborhood at will.  (Their opposable thumbs are just as scary as a dog's teeth.)

On the matter of insurance, Phenergan use, Loki is special, but not so special that she needs her own insurance.  You imply that "pit bull" owners should have high rates.  Why? To drive us into hock because we surely don't deserve to be able to pay all our bills?  Or is it so that we can live up to your expectations that we must be thousands of dollars in debt?  Or perhaps the strategy is simply to discourage dog owners from getting insurance in the first place?  Yep, that would be an excellent step in seeing that people who are injured don't get their medical bills paid, Phenergan overnight.

Perhaps we should require the same high rates for people who look as though they might Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, drive drunk.  In fact, let's do it for people who are the distant cousins of drunk drivers, since through their "bad genes," they are certainly more likely to go that route themselves!  As a victim of a drunk driver myself, I agree with this public outcry against that breed!  We should all report them when we see them in public, as well as anybody that looks like a drunk driver!  We should throw in people who don't use turn signals while we're at it, since that is just a step away from driving drunk.

Wait, Phenergan alternatives, what were we talking about.

Oh yeah, dogs.

No wait, we weren't really talking about dogs.  We were talking about people.  Rappers and Michael Vick...  What does that have to do with my dog again?  Oh, right.  Guilty by very distant association, since the logic is because Vick had a whole mess of Pit Bulls seized from his property, he is the same as I am.

Michael Vick Lil' ol' Me & Loki

You know, perhaps the social toxins that come along with owning an APBT have gone right up to my brain, but I just don't see the resemblance.

Maybe -- I'm just grasping at straws here -- just maybe all dogs are individuals.  Maybe all human beings are individuals, too.  There could be a minute possibility that if somebody's pack of 3 loose dogs killed a similarly loose child on an army base -- or were seen standing over the body, which is naturally the same thing as perpetrating the crime -- that it was those three dogs and not also mine here in Oklahoma?  Could it be that an unsocialized, untrained "pit bull" being used as a weewee extension is, in fact, not the same as my obedience-titled, Canine Good Citizen-titled, abundantly-socialized, very well-trained partner, Buy Phenergan Without Prescription.

If you own the Martha Stewart-brand washcloths, does that make you more inclined to cheat on the stock market.

Or is the "pit bull" disease kind of like second-hand smoke?  Does it emanate from one poor breed representative and infect all the other dogs in the area?  Nobody sent me the memo.  How wide of a radius do I have? Because there is a snotty dog some blocks over from my home, and I'll have to get my dog a vaccine for that disease before she catches it.

Oh wait, she's already had that vaccine. But here we refer to it as conscientious breeding and responsible handling. Glad to have that load off my mind.  Thanks for your concern, though.  We appreciate you looking out for us.

Satire aside, the owners of ALL dogs should feel the pinch when their animal attacks.  It should apply equally across the board, from cute fluffy mutt, to tiny ankle-biter, to friendly retriever.  Support laws which punish the undesireables you refer to -- "vicious dogs and abusive or neglectful owners" -- and which apply reasonable requirements -- "fencing and leash laws" -- to the ownership of any dog.  My neighbor's nasty hound has no more business being loose than my Pit Bull.

Don't look at me as the criminal you've come to automatically expect based solely on the breed I own, and I wont look at you as the root of all evil simply because you work for the media (and are therefore de facto responsible for the propagation of nonsense and hysteria).  Perhaps, if we have a moment of quiet reflection, we can realize that neither of us is defined by a single factor of our lives. Much less defined by others who have those same factors in their own lives.

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December 14, 2006

Prednisolone For Sale

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Prednisolone For Sale, by Lindsay B. (bahamutt99)

Puppy fever can be a powerful thing.  It's an affliction that strikes without warning, Cheap Prednisolone, and with no regard to sex, race, creed, Prednisolone description, age, Prednisolone cost, class or political party.  It has been shown to reduce the most hard, stoic individual to fits of baby talk.  The power of the puppy cannot be denied, and few can claim immunity from those big eyes, Prednisolone reviews, roly poly wiggly bodies, Prednisolone results, and the awesome little noises they make.  Puppy fever cases tend to spike around the holidays, and with that in mind, I'd like to talk about what makes a breeder reputable, Prednisolone treatment, and what qualifies as a backyard breeder (BYB). Canada, mexico, india, One of the hardest things to overcome is the first impression.  Many people not well-versed on the subject can be lulled into a false sense of security by a breeder who is nice and approachable.  Now I don't mean to even minutely suggest that you shouldn't have a good relationship with your breeder.  On the contrary, some of the most satisfying arrangements are when a breeder and buyer have a working relationship, and continue contact well after the puppy purchase.  However, herbal Prednisolone, investing in a dog on the sole grounds that you are cool with the breeder can be shaky.  The nicest people in the world may very well have no business breeding dogs.  And on the flipside, Comprar en línea Prednisolone, comprar Prednisolone baratos, not all worthwhile breeders have abundant social skills.

A great deal can be gleaned just by asking a breeder what the purpose of their program is.  (Some wont even be able to answer the question.)  The short answer here goes something like this:  A reputable breeder will tell you they are breeding to improve the breed.  They know the bloodlines behind their dogs, and will be able to tell you what traits run strong in them, online buying Prednisolone, and the areas where they could use improvement.  (Beware the breeder that tells you the blood they're running has no flaws.)  The amateur or BYB will give an answer that emphasizes their dogs' physical appearance; i.e. Prednisolone blogs, color, head size, chest width, buy no prescription Prednisolone online, and so forth.  Others will have nonsensical reasons such as "we thought it was time to have a litter, Prednisolone schedule, " or "I love puppies," or "I needed some money," or "I just love this dog and everybody wants his puppies."  Some will tell you that they breed for good pets, where can i buy Prednisolone online, which basically means they are putting two cute dogs together and hoping for the best.  Unethical breeders think only of the short-term, Prednisolone steet value, and don't even consider how their actions can impact the breed.

When talking to a breeder, pay careful attention.  A good breeder will answer your questions honestly, even if they know you aren't going to like the answer.  And the flow of information will go both ways.  They are going to ask you about your home and family, possibly your career and income, what happened to pets you've owned in the past, and why you want an American Pit Bull Terrier.  While it sounds like the grand inquisition, believe that only a reputable breeder is going to care enough to worry about who is getting their puppies.  It is becoming a more common practice for breeders to require their puppy buyers to sign a contract outlining what the breeder expects of the buyer, as well as what kind of guarantee they are offering on the puppy.  These contracts are not in place to bind the buyer to unreasonable stipulations; they exist for the protection of the breeder, the new owner, and most importantly the dog.  (Like mom always says, "eat your green vegetables and get it in writing!")  Many people still sell dogs on a handshake, which is perfectly acceptable if you trust them to do right by their dogs.  Just remember that you have precious little legal protection if they end up selling you a "lemon."

It is always a good idea to see a breeder's operation for yourself, if possible.  While many good dogs have been bought sight unseen, you get a fuller picture if you are able to meet the breeder and his dogs in person.  Standard rules of ownership apply: the area where the dogs are kept should be clean and free of excrement, trash, and other undesirables.  The dogs should be parasite-free, and have shiny coats and good muscle tone.  (Everybody can have a bad day or a sick dog, but there is no reason for a breeder to keep more dogs than they can provide respectable feed, exercise and veterinary care for.)  In this breed, dogs should be friendly and approachable, not fearful or aggressive.  If a dog has to be locked away because he's "protective," or "territorial," he does not show the correct breed temperament.  The APBT is a gregarious dog that views people as friends, not food, Prednisolone For Sale.

Almost all breeds were created for a purpose, from heavy draft work to plain old companionship.  The APBT is in a unique situation in that the main purposes of his breeding -- dog fighting, buy Prednisolone without prescription, and prior to that, Order Prednisolone from mexican pharmacy, bull baiting -- are now illegal in all of the United States.  Does this mean we should just let him cede to the ranks of other former working dogs that have now become strictly show/pet breeds?  Those who really know these dogs see what a waste that would be.  Showing in conformation (aka dog shows) is perfectly fine, and one of the things you can look for if you don't understand structure yourself.  (Despite trends in the show ring, you can be reasonably assured that a Champion or Grand Champion has correct structure for the breed.)  However, get Prednisolone, show wins are not everything.  They should be part of the program, Online buying Prednisolone hcl, yes, but are only one piece of the whole pie.

The best and most breed-worthy dog will excel in all of the following areas: Health, rx free Prednisolone, Temperament, Buy Prednisolone online no prescription, Conformation and Working Drive.  Here is how you would evaluate a breeding dog for those points.

Health:  When looking at health, it is important to think beyond what your eyes can show you.  With this breed, Prednisolone no rx, the stoicism and high pain threshold allows them to work (and play) very convincingly while harboring such things as mild hip dysplasia or heart murmurs.  One of the most clear-cut ways to weed out these hidden problems is through the use of health testing prior to breeding.  This does not mean having a veterinarian give the dog a once-over and declare him/her physically able to breed a litter.  There are many things that cannot be seen by a simple examination, Buy Prednisolone without a prescription, and as such, true health testing involves such methods as x-rays to examine the hip sockets, doppler to check the soundness of the heart, about Prednisolone, and blood work to evaluate the thyroid.  Some of the more relevant health tests for our breed include Hips, Doses Prednisolone work, Elbows, and Cardiac, but there are many other things that a breeder may test for based on the problems which run in their particular bloodlines.  Health testing is not a guarantee that a dog will not throw unhealthy pups, Prednisolone from canada, but it is far better than not knowing.  (The incidence of genetic flaws in some breeds has been greatly reduced over the years by liberal use of health testing.)  For more information on health-testing, Prednisolone class, and to see how our breed stacks up against others, visit the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Temperament:  This can be just as shadowy a thing as health, Prednisolone natural, and a poor temperament can be compensated for by an experienced handler.  There is a temperament title (TT) offered by the American Temperament Test Society, Prednisolone duration, which can be something to look for.  Here are some other common sense things to watch for: A dog that shies away, barks fearfully, or tucks its tail is not correct.  Neither, Prednisolone price, obviously, Order Prednisolone no prescription, is a dog that tries to bite the handler or anybody else.  Aggression towards other dogs is normal for the breed, and is something that the new owner should prepare for.  As per the breed standard, these dogs should embody "strength, Prednisolone dangers, confidence, Prednisolone schedule, and zest for life" and should be "eager to please and brimming over with enthusiasm." So look for the happy, outgoing dog who greets new people with a wagging tail and does not shy from normal things.  (When in doubt, ask to come back and visit the dog again later.  Illness or an unseen stimulus can cause strange behavior in otherwise sound dogs.)

Conformation:  It would be an exercise in futility to try to explain all the points of conformation in a single blog.  (For a good learner's guide, buy generic Prednisolone, visit  Suffice it to say, Is Prednisolone safe, a correct dog will be able to obtain a Champion (CH) or Grand Champion (GRCH) in its respective registry.  There are some dogs that lack enthusiasm for the show ring and may not "show well," but beware the breeder who makes excuses for consistently breeding adult dogs that have never been shown.  Another important thing to remember for those interested in buying a show puppy: Find a breeder with years of experience in the show ring.  If they have never shown, or are new to the sport, then they lack the experience to differentiate between show-quality and pet-quality puppies.  (Beware the breeder that tells you all their puppies are show-quality.)  The breeder who never competes will have only his own dogs for comparison.

Working Drive Prednisolone For Sale, :  Some drives can be measured in very young puppies, but for the adult breeding dog, look for proof that he has been shown in some kind of competition.  What kind of competition will vary with the interest of the breeder, but there should at least be something.  Here is a short list of possible competitions that this breed can partake in:  Weight Pulling, Agility, Obedience, Schutzhund.  Some lesser-known sports include Carting, Skijoring, Flyball, Hangtime, Tracking, Treadmill Sprints,Disc dog competitions, Dock Jumping, Herding and Hunting.  (Some of the items in that second list are licensed competitions, and some are not.)  The breeders who are most interested in testing all aspects of their breeding dogs are going to be competing in more than one event.  For example, a breeder might use weight pull to test strength and determination; agility to test speed and flexibility; and obedience to test patience, intelligence and trainability.  The best dogs have more titles than their owners can remember.

So a breakdown of some of the things I've discussed here:

A good breeder is going to be honest about their dogs' strengths and flaws.

They care very much about where their puppies are going, and wont sell to an inappropriate home.

They will have a valid reason for wanting to breed that litter.

Their dogs will be well cared for and happy.

They use some form of health testing, Prednisolone For Sale.

They consider temperament very strongly.

Plus, they compete in some kind of events with their dogs.

A few more points to add to this list:
A good breeder does not breed excessively.  They only breed when they want to keep something from the litter to add to their own stock, usually no more than once in a year.  It is a safe bet that a breeder who has puppies available year-round is not breeding to better the breed.  A good breeder is going to want to be able to keep track of everything they've produced.

A good breeder will only breed dogs that are legitimately registered.  With this breed, the main registries are the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA).  There are other registries that have popped up in the last decade or so, but their legitimacy is often questionable.

A good breeder will take back any puppy or adult dog that has been bred by them, regardless of age or intact status (meaning either neutered or fertile).  They will take great pains not to allow their puppies to end up in shelters or rescue.

Last but not least, this blog is merely a guide.  It describes the practices in an ideal situation with a reputable breeder.  It does not cover every situation or talking point.  And not all breeders are going to adhere to every rule as they have their own way of doing things.  And not all locations are going to be blessed with an abundance of reputable breeders.  (Some puppy buyers are going to have to either take a road trip, or have a puppy sent to them if they want to buy the very best.)  Buying a dog can be a complicated thing, but with a basic grasp of what constitutes reputable vs. what is a BYB, you can proceed with more confidence.  Listen to what your gut instinct tells you, and don't be afraid to ask questions in order to get a better idea of what a breeder is about.  If you are unsure, by all means ask around about a breeder's reputation.

Don't leave anything up to guesswork.  Do your research and help ensure that your companion for the next 12-15 years is all that he should be.

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July 31, 2006

Reglan For Sale

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Reglan For Sale, by Lindsay B. (Bahamutt99)

The topic of Pit Bulls in dog parks seems to be coming up a lot lately.  As the popularity of leash-free public dog runs grows, real brand Reglan online, Reglan gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, there are bound to be some bull-breed owners who want to go and join in the fun.  Perhaps they think that if you raise them correctly, they will never "turn" dog-aggressive.  Or maybe they think they're doing the breed a service by showing people that they are just like any other dog, Reglan brand name. Where can i find Reglan online, But the APBT is not just like any other dog.  If he were, I probably wouldn't have 1/10th the interest that I have in the breed.  (Who wants ordinary?  Give me extraordinary.)  Like it or not, buy Reglan from mexico, Reglan blogs, he was bred to fight, and even as the amount of people breeding for gameness decreases, Reglan price, coupon, Get Reglan, he is still far better at what he does than other breeds.  He also does not always live by the same set of ritualized rules that other breeds live by. Its a safe bet that while the average German Shepherd postures and bluffs, while the average APBT figures "why waste time with that?" and gets right down to business, Reglan steet value. Reglan dosage, It can (and does) happen in the blink of an eye, and it is always to the detriment of our breed.  Sometimes it doesn't even matter if it is the other dog that started the altercation; it automatically becomes your fault for bringing the "vicious dog."  And if you've ever seen the crazy notions that people get when it comes to breaking up a fight -- choking, Reglan pics, Reglan mg,  kicking, beating with bats, Reglan cost, Where can i order Reglan without prescription, lighting flames under the combatants' tails -- you wont want your dog anywhere near that.

I've even heard stories of foolish owners bringing females in heat to dog parks.  So here you have a multi-pronged risk all bundled up in one attractive package.  1.) Females in heat can be excessively bitchy with other females, order Reglan from mexican pharmacy, Comprar en línea Reglan, comprar Reglan baratos, and vice versa.  2.) If your dog is an intact male, you could accidentally contribute to the overpopulation problem, kjøpe Reglan på nett, köpa Reglan online, Reglan dose, and possibly even 3.) contract brucellosis -- a canine STD -- from the female.  4.) The presence of a ripe female is usually good cause for the males in the vicinity to become very tense, and possibly/probably fight amongst themselves over who gets to court the lady, Reglan no rx. Where can i buy Reglan online, There are additional risks beyond those mentioned.  Since nobody is patrolling the gate to check veterinary records, you have no idea of the health status of the other dogs enjoying the park.  Wrestling with an uknown dog for even a few minutes could give your dog fleas, Reglan canada, mexico, india, Reglan wiki, ticks, or other external parasites.  If a wormy dog poops, my Reglan experience, Reglan samples, and your dog sniffs it, your dog could get worms.  And there are more serious health risks, buy Reglan online cod, Purchase Reglan online, such as the presence of Parvo, Coronavirus, Reglan used for, Reglan no prescription, Distemper, so on and so forth.  Vaccinations will protect your dog to an extent, buy Reglan online no prescription, Reglan alternatives, but they are seldom foolproof.

Last but not least, Reglan pictures, Canada, mexico, india, there is just not that much need for Pit Bulls to have free play with other strange dogs.  Dogs are pack animals, this is true, Reglan from mexico, Reglan over the counter, but the APBT was just not bred to require the company of other dogs.  Most will have their friends, but they just don't feel the need to run in a pack, purchase Reglan, especially with dogs they don't know.

There are other options for a Pit Bull owner who wants to allow their dog to interact with other dogs.  The first is to get the names and numbers of other local dog owners, and hold regular playdates in somebody's backyard.  (I prefer to socialize with other Pit Bull owners, because we all understand the risks, and we're usually prepared to stop a fight.)  That way if a fight does break out, it is in a relatively more private area, not right out where the media-brainwashed public can soak it up.  Plus, it makes it easier to match your dog up with compatible personalities, rather than the crapshoot that the dog park presents.

If you just want to socialize your dog, not give him off-lead play time, pet superstores are usually a good place to do that.  The number of dogs in attendance is usually limited to a few (unless there's an event or something going on).  Plus, dogs are usually required to be on-leash, so you cut down on the risk of your dog being blindsided by another dog.  These places are also usually a good spot to let your dog socialize with children and other humans, and expose them to some different non-dog animals in a controlled environment.  (Working on stays by the gerbil cages can be interesting!)

If you have a Pit Bull and you're thinking about going to a dog park, please think long and hard before you jump in with both feet.  There are risks in all things, but some risks are hard to justify.

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July 18, 2006

Stromectol For Sale

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Stromectol For Sale, by Lindsay B. Buy Stromectol online no prescription, (Bahamutt99)

Those that know me probably know that I'm a member of 8 different forums, 7 of which are Pit Bull forums. Most of them are excellent boards where folks of different backgrounds can come together and discuss the breed.  I mean, order Stromectol no prescription, Cheap Stromectol no rx, that's what brings us all together anyway: love of the breed.  Many of us probably would pass each other by without so much as a glance if it weren't for the dogs.

Anybody who's been in the breed for a while knows what I'm talking about.  These dogs open as many doors as they close.  Maybe you're limited in places that you can live, buy cheap Stromectol, Stromectol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and maybe you now have to deal with unreasonable prejudice, but at the same time, where can i buy cheapest Stromectol online, Stromectol duration, you find yourself wedded to a great group of diverse people who are unified by their love of an awesome animal.  Or at least we should be unified.  But pay attention and it becomes glaringly obvious that the honeymoon between some "factions" is over before its even begun.

Probably the saddest example of of the rift between Pit Bull people is that between the gamedog owner and the "petbull" owner.  I don't like to use labels, real brand Stromectol online, Stromectol forum, but that is the easiest way to describe the differing halves.  On the gamedog side, you've got people whose primary interest in the breed is functionality and gameness.  On the other side, order Stromectol online c.o.d, Cheap Stromectol, you've got a group of pet owners.  At the extreme ends there are people who still match their dogs, and then people who treat their dogs as if they were stuffed animals, order Stromectol online overnight delivery no prescription. Get Stromectol, I would never in a million years expect a lazy dog-park "petbull" owner to get in bed with a dog fighter, but to suggest that these are the only two groups out there is naive at best.  There are lots of people -- myself and the majority of folks I know included -- that fall into this wide grey area somewhere in the middle.  We know and respect the breed's heritage, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Stromectol from canadian pharmacy, and we use that knowledge to help us live sensibly with our dogs.  Some of us dress our dogs up in clothes -- I mean face it, for some reason the public responds favorably to dogs in pink tu tus -- and some of us are out there on the weekends showing and working our dogs.  Some of us breed, Stromectol alternatives, Stromectol use, some of us rescue, and some of us do neither.  I think for the majority of us, Stromectol schedule, Effects of Stromectol, companionship is the primary factor behind owning the breed, but we still understand what they are, buying Stromectol online over the counter.

So say you have a yard of gamedogs and serious outlook on the breed.  It may appear to you that the "petbull" people are ruining the breed.  After all, they are the ones who are keeping these dogs in the house and showing off their good behavior at the park or Petsmart, Stromectol For Sale. Stromectol steet value, Or say you are a "petbuller" with a few good pets.  It would most certainly appear that the gamedog people are ruining the breed because they work their dogs hard, honor the game ones, Stromectol interactions, Low dose Stromectol,  and breed to the old standards.  (If you are detecting sarcasm here, that's because there is some.)

At any rate, Stromectol results, Where to buy Stromectol, it is absolutely ridiculous to draw a scratch line between "petbull" people and gamedog or working dog people. A yard bust of a serious dogman and a Pit Bull attack caused by a negligient pet owner have the same negative impact on our breed.  And maybe you say "I have never had that happen to me!"  Well the chances are that your counterpart on the other side of the rift has never had it happen either.  The few and far between incidents that happen should not be cause for us to point fingers at each other when we both have the same animal at the end of our leash.  Maybe mine is a pet and weekend worker while yours is a hardcore hog hunter, but do you think in the end its going to matter?  BSL is the great leveler, Stromectol used for, Purchase Stromectol online no prescription, folks, and it will take your "petbull" or your gamedog just as surely as it will take your weight puller, herbal Stromectol, Comprar en línea Stromectol, comprar Stromectol baratos, Schutzhund dog, mixed breed, order Stromectol from United States pharmacy, Stromectol street price, and so forth.  Instead of suspecting the worst out of each other, maybe we should think for a second about the good that we each do for the breed, about Stromectol. Where can i cheapest Stromectol online, Gamedog people:  In an era of dogs being bred for head size and color, you can usually count on gamedog people to be like a rock standing against the tide.  Their dogs look now much the same way they looked 100 years ago.  They still have the performance ability that the breed was intended to have.  And most of the people in this crowd, what is Stromectol, Stromectol pharmacy, whether you agree with their ethics or not, are not peddling off puppies to the public like your typical backyard breeder. Additionally, they seem to have keeping their dogs contained down to a science.

"Petbullers":  Pink tu tus notwithstanding, most "petbull" people understand the importance of getting their dogs out in the public's eye to help combat the general ignorance surrounding the breed.  They help to show that these dogs can live safely in society and our homes, in the hands of a knowledgeable owner.  Rescuers usually fall into this category, and they do a great good for the breed by saving good dogs from euthanasia -- and thus giving pet seekers another option besides going to a breeder -- and also educating about the importance of spay/neuter.

If a line needs to be drawn, it should only be between the responsible and the irresponsible owners.  Because much as either side may wish to dispute it, bad apples fall from both trees.  Maybe if we can learn a little tolerance for each other, cleanup will be easier.  After all, two hands are better than one.

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