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July 18, 2006

Stromectol For Sale

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Stromectol For Sale, by Lindsay B. Buy Stromectol online no prescription, (Bahamutt99)

Those that know me probably know that I'm a member of 8 different forums, 7 of which are Pit Bull forums. Most of them are excellent boards where folks of different backgrounds can come together and discuss the breed.  I mean, order Stromectol no prescription, Cheap Stromectol no rx, that's what brings us all together anyway: love of the breed.  Many of us probably would pass each other by without so much as a glance if it weren't for the dogs.

Anybody who's been in the breed for a while knows what I'm talking about.  These dogs open as many doors as they close.  Maybe you're limited in places that you can live, buy cheap Stromectol, Stromectol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and maybe you now have to deal with unreasonable prejudice, but at the same time, where can i buy cheapest Stromectol online, Stromectol duration, you find yourself wedded to a great group of diverse people who are unified by their love of an awesome animal.  Or at least we should be unified.  But pay attention and it becomes glaringly obvious that the honeymoon between some "factions" is over before its even begun.

Probably the saddest example of of the rift between Pit Bull people is that between the gamedog owner and the "petbull" owner.  I don't like to use labels, real brand Stromectol online, Stromectol forum, but that is the easiest way to describe the differing halves.  On the gamedog side, you've got people whose primary interest in the breed is functionality and gameness.  On the other side, order Stromectol online c.o.d, Cheap Stromectol, you've got a group of pet owners.  At the extreme ends there are people who still match their dogs, and then people who treat their dogs as if they were stuffed animals, order Stromectol online overnight delivery no prescription. Get Stromectol, I would never in a million years expect a lazy dog-park "petbull" owner to get in bed with a dog fighter, but to suggest that these are the only two groups out there is naive at best.  There are lots of people -- myself and the majority of folks I know included -- that fall into this wide grey area somewhere in the middle.  We know and respect the breed's heritage, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Stromectol from canadian pharmacy, and we use that knowledge to help us live sensibly with our dogs.  Some of us dress our dogs up in clothes -- I mean face it, for some reason the public responds favorably to dogs in pink tu tus -- and some of us are out there on the weekends showing and working our dogs.  Some of us breed, Stromectol alternatives, Stromectol use, some of us rescue, and some of us do neither.  I think for the majority of us, Stromectol schedule, Effects of Stromectol, companionship is the primary factor behind owning the breed, but we still understand what they are, buying Stromectol online over the counter.

So say you have a yard of gamedogs and serious outlook on the breed.  It may appear to you that the "petbull" people are ruining the breed.  After all, they are the ones who are keeping these dogs in the house and showing off their good behavior at the park or Petsmart, Stromectol For Sale. Stromectol steet value, Or say you are a "petbuller" with a few good pets.  It would most certainly appear that the gamedog people are ruining the breed because they work their dogs hard, honor the game ones, Stromectol interactions, Low dose Stromectol,  and breed to the old standards.  (If you are detecting sarcasm here, that's because there is some.)

At any rate, Stromectol results, Where to buy Stromectol, it is absolutely ridiculous to draw a scratch line between "petbull" people and gamedog or working dog people. A yard bust of a serious dogman and a Pit Bull attack caused by a negligient pet owner have the same negative impact on our breed.  And maybe you say "I have never had that happen to me!"  Well the chances are that your counterpart on the other side of the rift has never had it happen either.  The few and far between incidents that happen should not be cause for us to point fingers at each other when we both have the same animal at the end of our leash.  Maybe mine is a pet and weekend worker while yours is a hardcore hog hunter, but do you think in the end its going to matter?  BSL is the great leveler, Stromectol used for, Purchase Stromectol online no prescription, folks, and it will take your "petbull" or your gamedog just as surely as it will take your weight puller, herbal Stromectol, Comprar en línea Stromectol, comprar Stromectol baratos, Schutzhund dog, mixed breed, order Stromectol from United States pharmacy, Stromectol street price, and so forth.  Instead of suspecting the worst out of each other, maybe we should think for a second about the good that we each do for the breed, about Stromectol. Where can i cheapest Stromectol online, Gamedog people:  In an era of dogs being bred for head size and color, you can usually count on gamedog people to be like a rock standing against the tide.  Their dogs look now much the same way they looked 100 years ago.  They still have the performance ability that the breed was intended to have.  And most of the people in this crowd, what is Stromectol, Stromectol pharmacy, whether you agree with their ethics or not, are not peddling off puppies to the public like your typical backyard breeder. Additionally, they seem to have keeping their dogs contained down to a science.

"Petbullers":  Pink tu tus notwithstanding, most "petbull" people understand the importance of getting their dogs out in the public's eye to help combat the general ignorance surrounding the breed.  They help to show that these dogs can live safely in society and our homes, in the hands of a knowledgeable owner.  Rescuers usually fall into this category, and they do a great good for the breed by saving good dogs from euthanasia -- and thus giving pet seekers another option besides going to a breeder -- and also educating about the importance of spay/neuter.

If a line needs to be drawn, it should only be between the responsible and the irresponsible owners.  Because much as either side may wish to dispute it, bad apples fall from both trees.  Maybe if we can learn a little tolerance for each other, cleanup will be easier.  After all, two hands are better than one.

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  1. So, so true. It’s quite frustrating really…even as someone who doesn’t own the breed yet, it’s aggrivating to have people be so blind to who the real enemy is. That, or they know, but still seem to enjoy considering themselves to be “the best,” and so they continue with their divisive behaviors.

    It seems there’s also a huge division amongst the breed between rescue folks and breeders, mostly on the rescue folks parts. There are plenty out there who think that breeding is wrong, regardless of the circumstance, which is equally frustrating because again, responsible breeders are not creating the problems.

    Really, as down to earth as the breed is, it’s followers seem to be pretty much at the other end of the spectrum, by and large.

    Comment by JCleve86 — July 19, 2006 @ 9:47 pm

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