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  • *The Making Of A Breed Ambassador

    ~ Think your Dog Has what it takes to be a Therapy Dog???

    ~ Take a Peek Here and find out

  • Agility is great exercise for both the dog and handler; it relieves stress and creates a better bond!

    Don't worry there are no high jumps as pups should not be doing jumps or full height equipment due to their growing bones/joints. There is expensive equipment to buy, just some helpful techniques for improving the potential of puppies from 8 weeks and up. Newbies to the sport and older dogs are all welcome too.

    So what are you waiting for?

    approveCome join the fun!approve

    Disclaimer: Before starting agility the pup/dog should have vet clearance and be healthy. Owners are fully responsible for the proper training and well being of their own dogs.

  • Just a fun bit of pit bull trivia by Lindsay!!  Bahamutt


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