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October 20, 2009

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The Road to Becoming a Good Breeder 

by Lindsay Biddle

I have blogged subjects like this before, but since I encounter a lot of new people with questions about their upcoming/current litter, I thought I would put something together to help newbies get the information in their hot little hands before they post something silly on the message boards and get put off by a scathing reply. 

Newbies, if you want to start a kennel, herbal Retin-A, if you want to have your own bloodline, this is for you.  Even if you don't want to "be a breeder" but you still want to breed litters, you owe it to the breed to produce only well-planned puppies.  If you cannot read from beginning to end, Retin-A over the counter, rest assured that the actual process of becoming a respected breeder will be far more daunting.

Where to start 

You cannot build a fine skyscraper on a broken foundation.  If you already have a dog that is an excellent pet, I'm sorry to say that there is a good chance that it is not necessarily the dog you need to be breeding.  Even if you just bought a $1500 puppy from a big-name breeder, it still doesn't mean that he/she is the one you should be looking to play matchmaker with. 

Now that said, if you already have a dog, buy no prescription Retin-A online, you don't necessarily need to throw that dog out and start over.  You have a lot to learn, and your current dog can help you through certain parts of the process without ever putting its genes in the pool.  If your dog is registered with a legitimate registry (see item number one below), you can start showing and doing other events with him/her in order to "get your feet wet" and learn about the show environment.  Even if your dog is not registered, Comprar en línea Retin-A, comprar Retin-A baratos, you can spay/neuter that dog and many organizations will let you show in non-licensed classes, do weight pull, do agility, get a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title, and any other number of activities, Retin-A no prescription.

Here are some things you should be looking at, whether you plan on breeding your present dog or waiting and obtaining a different one.

1.  Registration status.  Provided we are talking about American Pit Bull Terriers, Retin-A cost, your breeding dogs should have either UKC (United Kennel Club) or ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) papers, or both.  There are probably a score of registries which have come about in the last dozen years which will register your dog based on a fee and your word that it is purebred.  But remember, you want to start with the best.  If you start breeding dogs without legitimate registration now, that is all you will produce.  Some long-time breeders do not register their dogs, but you should know that you severely limit what your puppies can do (and thus limit their appeal to knowledgeable homes) if you breed unregistered or illegitimately-registered dogs, purchase Retin-A for sale.

2.  Conformation.  You can start getting a grasp on what conformation means with resources like, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. However, the only way to know for sure if your dog is conformationally sound is to enter the dog in some shows.  Learn how to show your dog credibly - articles on training are available on the web at places like -- and then give it a try.  Whether the judge places your dog or not, find them after they're done judging and ask them to give you a critique about what they like/dislike about your dog.  Don't be afraid to take notes.  Learn to honestly accept your dogs' faults and strengths so that you can improve upon them in the next generation.  Do not show under just one judge and take their word as gospel!  Get out to as many shows as you can and talk to different judges and other exhibitors.  As you become more experienced showing, Retin-A dosage, you may even bring home Champion or Grand Champion titles, which is all to the good.

3.  Temperament.  This should be a given, but it is alarming how many people think nothing of breeding dogs who are protective, territorial, Retin-A pictures, fearful, or even outright aggressive.  Future breeders, remember what this breed was bred to do.  The APBT was expected to be hell on wheels to another dog while remaining completely trustworthy with the numerous humans that were near him while he was doing his job.  The APBT should be outgoing, Retin-A used for, courageous, gregarious, driven, friendly to a fault with humans and enthusiastic about the world around him.  He should not threaten a human unless sorely pressed into doing so or specifically trained for bite sports.  It is perfectly normal for a Pit Bull to threaten other dogs and it is up to the handler to deal with such behavior as they see fit.  But never, ever should a human-aggressive or fearful dog be bred!  Remember, no prescription Retin-A online, temperament is genetic, no deposit no return.

4.  Drive and working ability.  At all phases of its development, Generic Retin-A, the American Pit Bull Terrier is and has been a working dog.  He has been expected to go toe-to-toe with animals ranging from other dogs to bulls and bears.  He has been used for working with unruly livestock and hunting dangerous quarry.  He has even seen use in jobs such as search-and-rescue and narcotics detection.  There will always be dogs that are happy lying around and watching butterflies in the garden, but remember we're talking about breeding the best.  That dog you're thinking about breeding should want to be worked, thrive upon it, and demand it.  The type of work you do with the dog is up to you.  You can do weight pull, agility, Retin-A for sale, obedience, Schutzhund, French ring, Retin-A recreational, dock diving, disc sports, tracking, and so on.  Ideally, you will cross-train in different sports to show your dogs' versatility.  The sky's the limit with this breed, Retin-A duration, and that's the way it should be.

5.  Pedigree research.  You have to have some degree of familiarity with what is behind your dog.  It is up to you to decide which bloodlines best represent what you hope to produce, what is strong/weak in that line, Low dose Retin-A, how well that blood will "nick" when outcrossed to another line, and so on.  This is not something that can be taught in a weekend at the dog show; it comes with experience.  Very few people really know every nuance of their dog's breeding, but the more you know the better you will understand what your dog should produce.  Scatter-breeding, outcrossing, line-breeding, where can i buy cheapest Retin-A online, COI percentages all mean different things when it comes to breeding dogs.  Genetics will sometimes throw us for a loop and produce something we don't expect, but that doesn't release the future breeder's obligation to research.  Be prepared to spend many hours poring over pedigrees, reading books, Where to buy Retin-A, and looking up information on the internet. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, There are two additional points that I want to add which have nothing to do with the dog itself and the choosing of breeding stock.  They do, however, sound out the potential breeder's dedication to what they are doing and play a role in the process.

6.  Finding homes and your ethical responsibility.  This comes before the litter itself because it is something you need to consider at length before breeding.  If you have been getting out to all the shows, people will know who you are.  You will have hopefully established a good reputation and you might even have some people on your waiting list for when you breed your first litter.  That is a good thing!  It is very important to make sure that you have enough homes lined up, not just one or two.  If you don't line them up in advance (and take deposits if possible), do you have somewhere to house a half dozen or more adolescent dogs when you can't find placements for them later?  Another angle to consider: Let's say you place all your puppies and a year later the owner of one moves to a BSL town and cannot keep the dog.  You still have a responsibility to what you have produced; your job as breeder does not end simply because you took the buyer's money and handed them a puppy.  The burden is on you to see that the young dog gets on a plane and back into your care until you can find it another home, Retin-A samples.

7.  The basics.  You should know where you're going to house the litter in advance and have the puppy den ready so the mother-to-be can start getting used to being there.  Puppies need to have a clean, reasonably climate-controlled, parasite-free environment.  Be ready to spend a small fortune if the mother ends up needing a c-section or other emergency medical treatment.  When the litter is born, Online buying Retin-A, your work will increase exponentially.  The babies need to be wormed and put on a vaccine protocol, and you will have to worry about things like dewclaw removal, umbilical hernias, coccidia, and various other medical possibilities.  Obviously, Retin-A mg, puppies need to eat and you will begin to think they never stop pooping.  Before too long they will be climbing out of the whelping box and exploring your home, your clothing, your expensive video games, Buy cheap Retin-A, your kids' toys.  And at that point you can't just toss them outside and forget about them, because guess what?  As the breeder it is also your responsibility to provide those puppies with early socialization (contact with different people, children, strange noises, different footing, Retin-A reviews, unusual objects, etc). 

This is really the short list of breeder concerns.  You will find numerous other questions and conundrums popping up as you go along.  It is not within the scope of a single blog to help you answer all of them, but hopefully you can gain enough perspective to be able to handle the issues that come up admirably. 

One rule of thumb is not to be convinced that you have to breed a certain dog.  The breed has a large gene pool and there are many sources for a nice dog nowadays.  If you find yourself making excuses for more than a handful of shortcomings in your own dog, Retin-A interactions, then you need to ask yourself honestly if that is the dog you want to put at the root of your breeding program.  If you start dumping problems into your program from the get-go, you're going to be spending many years correcting them later, so it's better to start with the best dog you can. 

Every dog will have a conformational fault or a weakness in some area.  If it is otherwise a good-quality dog, you can usually carefully breed it so as to minimize the fault recurring in future generations.  However, if you are trying to figure out how to conquer the mildly shy temperament, Retin-A overnight, the too-short muzzle, the undershot bite, the lack of rear angulation, Retin-A natural, the dippy topline, the lackluster working drive, and the gay tail, perhaps you need to come to terms with your dog simply being a pet-quality dog that should not be bred.  If you have done right by the dog thus far and breeders have learned that you're a good home to place pups with, there should be ample possibilities for you to get a better-quality dog when you're ready, australia, uk, us, usa.

Another thing to consider as you get into breeding is whether or not you can handle culling.  This is the removal of a dog from the gene pool via either euthanasia or spay/neuter.  While it is no big deal to alter a dog a dog and place it in a pet home, the killing of puppies is an uncomfortable topic for many and tends to polarize groups of fanciers.  Unfortunately, if you are breeding dogs, Retin-A without prescription, this is something you will have to tackle at one point or another.  You might produce one that is just a shade too reactive to be placed safely, and since you are a responsible breeder and don't want to cause any headlines, you will have to hold that beautiful baby while he/she is given a fatal shot.  Or you might reclaim a dog from a bad owner and find out that it is so neurotic from under-stimulation that it is a kindness to put it to sleep.  Culling is, unfortunately, part of the package when you breed.  If you cannot see yourself "playing God, Retin-A wiki," it would be wiser not to even go down that road.

As you ponder the breeding "game," always think about the total dog, Buy Retin-A online cod, the complete picture.  Remember that the APBT is not just a pet, not just a working dog, not just a show dog, not just a kisser of babies and savior of damsels in distress.  He should be able to do everything!  While many breeders may have sports that they specialize in - such as the number of breeders out there today focusing on weight pull - it is typically a better idea to avoid becoming a specialist and instead breed the best overall APBT that you can.  On the flip side, other breeders will promote the idea that their dogs are ideal for a laundry list of functions, taking Retin-A, while they are really only guessing because they don't actually engage in any sort of activity.  If you are doing it right and being properly selective, you should be able to show your working dogs and work your show dogs.  Then you can boast that you have the total package! 

Getting to be a reputable breeder is a long and winding road.  There will be pitfalls (no pun intended) and hang-ups dotting your path, and no doubt you will feel at times as if you should give it up altogether.  But hopefully as you are busy learning and absorbing information, Buy Retin-A without prescription, you can have fun and enjoy working and being with your dogs as you gain the experience necessary to build an exceptional program.  Remember, there is no rush.  A healthy, well-bred female will have a number of good breeding years ahead of her, and while young males will tell you they are ready to be bred at 8 months, they should be able to produce until they are old and grey.  Take your time, order Retin-A from United States pharmacy, cut no corners, and strive to do it all the right way.

When you fast forward several years and you think you are ready to breed, Get Retin-A, there should be no question in your mind.  You should have exceeded the little bit of advice you've read here in my blog and be excited and proud of what you're about to do.  When you speak of your possible breeding with other breed enthusiasts of varying interests and backgrounds, the response should be overall very positive and you will know that you have accomplished what you set out to do: become a good breeder.  At such time, I say kudos to you! 

If you aren't there yet, don't despair.  A well-planned breeding is kind of like when I make my grandmother's recipe for spaghetti sauce.  It takes a long time, measuring out the components, Retin-A use, stirring the pot, smelling the aroma, taking a little taste, adding a little more garlic, remembering you forgot the basil, putting in the meat, stirring some more, waiting, stirring, waiting.  The point is, sitting down to that meal where I took the time and cut no corners is wholly satisfying and worthwhile.  If I tried to rush, substituted sub-par ingredients, didn't continually evaluate what I was doing, then what should have been an outstanding meal would have been only so-so, and that's a bummer to everybody.

Good luck to you, hopeful future breeders.  Remember that what you do will make ripples for generations to come, and let love of the breed and desire to see it only continue to improve guide your actions.

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