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April 5, 2005

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Filed under: PIT BULL BLOGGS — pitbull @ 8:32 am

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  1. yes, in guilford county and alamance county, n.c. we are trying to get a paper signed by all pit bull owners. stop getting pit bulls for fighting, or any dog at that matter. this makes it harder for other pit bull owners like myself to move into places or even walk the dog down the street with hearing, “we don’t like aggressive dogs”. AGGRESSIVE???? please, mine lives with 2 cats and a ferrett.

    Comment by bowden — April 10, 2005 @ 4:11 am

  2. in canada ontario banned the breed all together.they are not allowed to breed any more and all dogs over 70 lbs or something like that ahve to be muzzled but pits and rotties have to be muzzled at all times.i live in nova scotia and there is no dog legislation here yet but i can see it comming.last year halifax(the capital of my province)ther were 135 dog attacks the only 3 ont he news were pitt bulls.(prob not pure bred).these poor animals have a hollable undeserved reputation,anyone who thinks these dogs are truly monsters should watch the “pitbull” move on the web site.

    Comment by doug — April 21, 2005 @ 9:44 am

  3. Its rediculous to ban the entire breed just because of bad dog training.
    I feel genuine in saying that its all about its upbringing.
    And not rewarding or petting or paying attention to it when it snaps at people. Thats how I view human babys as well. If you were to give a baby a Bottle/ Pacifier/ Toy/ Candy A.K.A. Treat to dogs. Anytime it crys it will never stop this viscous cycle. And be a pain in the ass to ever have the child listen to you. Just like any dog.

    Comment by MasX — April 22, 2005 @ 9:32 pm

  4. You know I agree with everyone’s post here. The problem is people dont understand basic dog psychology. I tell everyone no matter what size dog or breed type canine one ownes from a chihuahua to a St Barnard, the only one thing one must do or not do for that matter to ruin a dog mentally even if it’s parents are said to be ok is not socialize them. Socialization is key to our breed especially throught that crucial period between 11 and 16 weeks. Some people’s excuse is “I dont have the time” well you know what.. then dont get a dog! The blame is 100 percent 1st and formost to owners and also “so called” breeders. It’ starts at the breeding that created the problem and then owners. Remember a scared Pitbull/Amstaff is definitely a dangerous dog. Not because it bites from agression but because it will bite from being nervous or having fear. Fear and shyness is not our breeds trait. The main thing is people need to undertand basic dog behavior no matter what breed dog you have. I personally have my boy everywhere I go with me even at 2 yrs of age. Canines are social animals they are not cats they derive from a pack mentality thats embeded too deep in it’s DNA to break they need our help as leaders. For those that keep they’re dogs in the back yard or in a room 24/7 and only go out to probably just feed it and give it water is simply not enough for an animal that really does want to be with its pack and it’s pack is you, your son , daughter , and even other animals which it understands to be part of the pack.

    All in all if I had anything to do with these laws that don’t work, I would implement a program that if your dog bites someone other then protecting it’s home or family from danger they should automatically take a 2 week coarse on dog behavior and not just fine these people or raise they’re home owners insurance or better yet drop them from they’re policy/. The problem needs to be addressed more in depth and people/ humans need to be more accountable for they’re packs behavior and actions and not just remove the dog or destroy them. Accountablity is the problem and with that in mind EDUCATION is the solution.


    Christian Canelo
    aka Kwote Montana
    Ft Lauderdale, FL
    Pitbull Embassador and ALPHA Leader of my pack
    the question is how many leaders are out there????
    Are we not smarter then they are ?

    Congress Men and Women and people of Public Office
    Please answer these questions if you can!

    Comment by KwoteMontana — May 21, 2005 @ 12:38 am

  5. I really wish there was something we could do! I am a dog owner from Iowa. I live in a small town farming community. i have to say moving there from the city i am horrified at how there are no laws protecting dogs or animals for that matter. The mentality is if a dog is not working out you shoot it wether it does something wrong or not? This really needs to be addressed. I had a pit bull. It was my own fault that we had to put him down. A year later I am still sick about it. Don’t get me wrong we are a good home. My dogs live in my house and sleep in my bed. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I allowed my 7 month old pit bull pup to get into a bad situation. To make a long story short he agressively played with a 4 yr old child who was not being watched by her parents. He knocked her down and scratched her whole body trying to get her up to play. No one saw what happend because she was supposed to be inside. Any way we had not choice but to put him down or someone would have shot him. It was because he was a pitbull! if it would have been any other dog it would have been an accident! It makes me sick. Rocky was an awesome dog! I miss him everyday and wish I would have been able to do something different. No one would stand behind us??

    Comment by Nina — July 7, 2005 @ 9:15 pm

  6. Here’s a good one for you. When my APBT was about a year old, the neighbor’s 9 year old daughter opened my side gate to let me dog loose. It was halloween night and there were children everywhere. On my street pretty much all the kids that bumped into my dog played with him the kids wasn’t afraid until some of the parents yelled at them saying it’s a PitBull and it’ll bite. 2 blocks away my dog was playing with several kids under the age of 10 and along with a tiny lil Shih-Tzu the owner of the Shih-Tzu saw him playing with my dog and aggressively
    picked up her dog and kicked my dog a couple times. My dog backed away but was still in front of her house (off her property) so she got mad and continued to kick my dog. unfortunately my dog defended himself and bit the lady a few times. Police came and talked to people that witnessed the whole thing. A couple neighbors told the truth about her kicking my dog. When they found out my dog was a purebred APBT… They changed their story in court!…

    Comment by SDPinoy — August 17, 2005 @ 4:58 am

  7. people need to understand the breed. pitbulls are very loving and very loyal. i do not understand why pits have this rep. if people would just take the time to see just how good they really are we would not have this problem i have two dogs and one is a purebred pitbull and the other one is a pure rot both are females! they do not fight at all both of them are very gentel and loving. i also have three kids and again they are just fine with my kids. i live in a neighborhood thet looks down on both of my dogs ( because they are suppose to be very bad dogs) and as i tell my neighbers you can make any dog mean and vicious.i get so mad when you hear about a dog attack that a pit was involed well what about that pomeranian that smothered that baby why was that not on the 5pm news !!!!!!!!!!1 all i know is my dogs are not mean or aggressive , and i will do what it takes to save both of my breeds .

    Comment by dricci — November 30, 2005 @ 9:18 pm

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